You are cordially invited to join FAUN in a reading group and open call on the topic of EXTREME LEISURE and WORLDBUILDING!

Together, we shall examine leisure and its possibilities for creating new, post-capitalist worlds!

We shall start with a discussion group -- we will meet twice a month to discuss a number of texts and films on the topic and to generate ideas.

Then, we shall create a wonderful publication together on the topic and based on our researches.

Please feel free to join any of the discussion groups, the project team, or all of them!

Please, read on and find more titilating information inside.

You’ve just come home from a long, spleen-sapping day of work at the regional bureau of Krinko’s entertainment products. You hobble over to the fridge, day-dreaming about the vacation you’re taking next month to Krinko’s pleasure palace just south of the city. You open the fridge and with clambering hands grab one bottle of flavour paste and one tube of nutritional cream. Catching a whiff of that flavour paste, you can’t help but think of the all-you-can-paste buffets at the leisure palace. The display on the door of the fridge lights up with the Krinko flavour paste motto: Taste the Paste…

Paste and cream in hand, you walk over to your home entertainment center and sit back into your Krinko Comfort 1400. You exhale: “now this is what I’m talkin’ about., This is leisure. Aaaah”. The Comfort 1400 begins to move around you. It starts with the head, and while it makes sure that your mouth meal tube is sliding into place, it also caresses your scalp with the warm, soft embrace of it’s relax TM cushioning pads.